School mission statement
    School Mission Statement

(1)School Motto

 Sincerity  ・  Creativity  ・  Friendship

(2)Educational Aims

The following educational aims are proposed for bringing up promising individuals able to contribute in an international society, becoming well formed members of a democratic and peaceful nation and society, and aimed at completion of character in accordance with the Fundamentals of Education Act and School Education Law

1.We plan to raise international understanding while taking on a manner of respect for our national culture and traditions, having an international sense and wide perspective, and bringing up people that can be active in an international society.
2.Placing emphasis on fundamentals and basics, we aim to bring up people able to subjectively correspond with an international, technologically advanced society.

3.We aim to bring up people healthy in mind and body with the volition to learn independently and a creative nature and also plan to expand their personality based on a curriculum that corresponds to each individual's
future course.

(3)Work Aims

1.Raising international understanding

We will bring up students that can deeply understand and respect our country's, as well as other countries', culture and traditions.

2.Study guidance fulfillment

We will bring up students able to study systematically with high motivation and set their own aims for the future.

3.Extracurricular enrichment

We will bring up students that can actively participate in school events, student council activities, and club activities, as well as homeroom class activities.

4.Establishment of fundamental living habits will bring up students with respect for discipline, correct manners, and the ability to act voluntarily.

(4)Important Points

1.Work for the establishment of lively school traditions

We will conduct study activities and club activities actively and improve students' individual strong points.

 2.Work to promote an open school

We will develop both acceptance of foreign students and students
returning from abroad and activities that make use of the special qualities of the area.

3.Work to put international understanding education in practice

We will follow a plan of international education enrichment in home room, cooperate with the PTA board of international understanding education, and actively promote international exchange programs.

4.Work to improve education contents

We will work to enforce an original curriculum that corresponds with societal changes based on the aims of the current course of study.

5.Work for the establishment of a guidance system for the entire staff

We plan for mutual cooperation and common understanding to conduct organized, independent guidance of students.