SGH Research Project

In 2015, the school was designed as one of the Super Glocbal High Schools among 56 other high schools in Japan. The term is five years until the year 2020.

The SGH committee of Narita Kokusai aims at cultivating seven abilities of students as follows:
1. To find their own subjects.
2. To think logically.
3. To collaborate with others.
4. To communicate with each other.
5. To make a concrete plan for solutions.
6. To accept different cultures and values.
7. To understand their own culture.

Each year has an aim to cultivate. In the first year, the aim is to find their own subjects. Second year students need to find solutions, and the third year students would make presentations on the results. Narita Kokusai's SGH Committee designs a curriculum which is focued upon research projects(comprehensive and exploratory studies). In order to work on the project, the school would collaborate with domestic and overseas universities as well as corporations and international organizations.
Originally, the Integrated Study at Narita Kokusai was a research project, and students decided their own theme on the project, did some research and finish their projects by writing a research paper and making presentations. Within the SGH research projects, the main theme is ''Coexistence in Asia,'' and sub-themes are tourism, education, and environment.