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Narita Kokusai High School was founded under the name Narita Nishi High School in 1975, and there was only a general course. However, Narita is home to Narita International Airport, Japan's main gateway to foreign countries, so it was decided that the school should have an international focus. Additionally, Narita has a long history, with many interesting traditions centered around Narita-san Shinshoji Temple. Therefore, to foster students who can make active contributions to international society, an English course was added in 1987. Then, the school was named Narita Kokusai High School in 1992.There is now a general course and an international course.
The school offers more English subjects than other schools. Most of the high schools in Japan offer only English as a foreign language subject, but the students in Narita Kokusai can learn other language subjects such as French, Chinese, or Korean as a second foreign language in addition to the first foreign language, English.
The educational goal of Narita Kokusai is ''to raise people who can respect our own culture and tradition, with wider perspectives, and contribute to international society.'' The goal of the international course is ''to promote understandings of cultures and socoeties in Japan and other countries, international ways of thinking and practical communicative competence in order to contribute to the international society.''