Our school’s motto, “The future is inthe hands of humans: autonomy, sincerity, creativity” was established in 1969.However, modern society, which we can call advanced society, requirescomprehensive content.

When predicting our future society for the year2030, it is said that industrial structures are undergoing major changes due tofactors such as informationization, globalization, A.I., rapid development ofA.I., and so on. But, no matter how A.I. evolves, we have the ability tovoluntarily work on things in good faith. We have the ability to think andjudge on our own, to combine our experiences until now, and create new things.We are only humans. Though times are unpredictable, through high school life thiskind of strength is acquired and the future can be said to be in the hands ofhumans.

From 2015 until 2019, Matsuo High School has beendesignated as a SGH (Super Global High School) by MEXT, and has beenresearching and building the SGH program. From here on, we will continuetraining and fostering talent for necessary global issues in society. Regardingelderly care, local, national, and worldwide considerations build a superiorsociety, and the future way of life improves.

Matsuo trains students in these subject areas tolearn to think and solve problems for themselves. It is expected that, from nowon, they will use these talents in an effort to solve problems locally as wellas globally.

Junior high school students, Matsuo is surroundedby rich natural landscape and a calm atmosphere from which you can enjoy highschool life. In addition, Matsuo has many active clubs. The archery and softtennis clubs are active at the regional Kanto as well as national levels.Entering students will also meet people who will become friends for life. Thereare many passionate staff members with whom you can spend time while studying,participating in club activities, student council, and a variety of schoolevents. The teachers and staff are sincerely looking forward to meeting you.