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Suggestions to Sammu City Officials

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◇Presentation of Suggetions to the Sammu City Officials◇

<Date>      2017/12/15(fri) 2:00pm~3:30pm
<Place>     Sammu City Hall
<Subjects>①「Environment that Residents are likely to live with
                       Satisfaction」            by representative of 1-A
     ②「Let's make a good city」        by representative of 1-B       
     ③「How to make a Town where Foreigners can play an Active
                       Role」                                                  by representative of 1-C         
     ④「Town where Children and Elderly can Interact」
                         by representative of 1-D      
     ⑤Suggestion to the Sammu City Officials after the experience of
                      Field Work(English)                   by representative of Grade 16
     ⑥Report of Overseas dispatch business to Sri Lanka
                                                                           by abroad student of grade 17

 Even though this was their first time, the presentations they did were very good. They presented professionally and held our intrest well.
 In response pointing out and giving advice to the city officials,students will put forth more effort in their studies.


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Recomendation for local community


Panel exhibition with recommendations for the local community at the Kikyo School Festival

September 18–19:Interim reports at the Kikyo School Festival

At the school festival,students held an
exhibition to show their work with the title 「How to make Sammu City more attractive」 and also the process of SGH program so far .Both parents and members of the local community enjoyed the presentations.

Examples of student work


 Students accomplished them at the  classes and after-school hours to create their panels based on the reports they completed in the first semester. There were 28 panels, including those on school staff visits to Thailand and Sweden.


 Recommendations for the local community” presentation at Sammu City Hall                                                                            
The students researched issues concerning the welfare of senior citizens and urban development in the local community and discussed methods for addressing problems in groups. They then formed their opinions and presented a report at Sammu City Hall outlining recommendations for the community, which the city could use in its municipal government.
1. Purpose
  Students research the topic of welfare for senior citizens and urban development in the local area. Our goal for our students is  to develop the ability to work on things voluntarily(independence), clarify their aims and challenges by analyzing the current situation (ability to identify issues), and the ability to clearly communicate their ideas (communication skills).
By making presentations at Sammu City Hall, we hope to encourage the students`s  willingness to learn, and to help give them more confidence.

2. Date
  From 1:30 p.m. to 2:30p.m. on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

3. Place
  Large conference room  at Sammu City Hall

4. Participating students
  23 first-year students

5. Presentation themes
(1) Representative of Class 1-A: “Communicating the charms of Sammu City”
(2) Representative of Class 1-B: “The long-term care insurance system and ways to address the declining birth rate and aging population”
(3) Representative of Class 1-C:“Telling people about the cultural properties in Sammu City”
(4) Representative of Class 1-D: “What we can do to make our town comfortable for senior citizens in an aging Japan”

6. Background
(1) All of the first-year students worked on the research topic “Commun Discovery” during their period for integrated studies.
(2) The students began by forming groups of 5 or 6 and learned how to brain-storm to broaden their thinking. They also learned the KJ Method for grouping problems.
(3) The school then held lectures on Sammu urban development by speakers invited from the Sammu City Board of Education on June 11, where students heard directly from city officials on Sammu City’s urban development, local social welfare  programs, long-term care insurance system, strategies to address dementia in senior citizens, cultural properties, and historic sites.
(4) Students researched the problems in Sammu City and ways to address them using the internet and formed their opinions by discussing these issues intheir groups. They then came up with recommendations that could be incorporated into the municipal government and summarized them in reports.
(5) At the school festival held September 18–19, the students held an exhibition where they displayed panels with the results of the theme-based research.
(6) In October, the students learned how to give presentations. On October 29,teachers and staff from the social welfare education division at the Chiba Prefectural High School Educational Research Society were invited to the school, and the students presented the results of their theme-based research by class.
(7) When the officials of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology visited on December 3, representative groups selected from each class gave presentations. The same representative groups will present this  time.

7. At the presentations


Various advice and ideas for improvements were given by the city officials and the students hope to work on further research.

You can check the details of each class
Class 1-A  1A.pdf
Class 1-B  1B.pdf
Class 1-C 1C.pdf
Class 1-D  1D.pdf