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LIfe at a SGH

  Life at a SGH
April 30: What is SGH?

 “What is a Super Global High School?”
 “What do we study?”
 “What is global aging?”
 “What kind of qualities will be needed for thefuture societies?”
  The students discussed these topics as a group.


May7: Brainstorming

 “Whatis brainstorming?”
 “Let’s make sure everyone can voice their opinions.”
 “Let’s share our thoughts and opinions with others.”
 “Let’s plan a third product along the lines ofKinokonoyama and Takenokonosato.”
 The students used large sheets of white paper toaid in their discussion.

 May14: Presentations and brain-writing

Presentations on planning a third product along the lines of Kinokonoyama andTakenokonosato were held. Actual Kinokonoyama were given to the class for theirexcellent work.

 The students did a brain-writing exercise, which is amethod for generating a lot of ideas at once. The topic was “how to make MatsuoHigh School even more attractive”, and many interesting ideas were generated.


 May28: Brain-writing II
 In this photo, the students are working on organizingsticky notes that show their ideas on how to make Matsuo High School moreattractive. They arrange the notes on large sheets of white paper. The completedsheets are then displayed in the hallway of the first-year students’classrooms.



  June11: Invited lecture by Sammu City officials

   We implemented the theme “CommunityDiscovery,” which is the first year students’ main goal in the SGH program. Thesecond year students work on “Global Aging I,” which is research from auniversal perspective. Their work makes it critical that they develop a deeperunderstanding of the local area, so we invited Sammu City Hall officials togive lectures at Matsuo High School.

   1.Real strengths of local social welfare     2. Long-termcare insurance and elderly
                                                                             care facilities

     3. Urban development promoted by everyone    4. Cultural properties designated by  
                                                                                        Sammu city

    5.Training programs for personnel supporting persons with dementia 

The students were able to learn about the municipal government. Some of the lectures had difficult content, but the students diligently took notes. 

   June18: Program for making Sammu City more attractive

Based on what students learned though the lectures by Sammu City officials onJune 11, the program for making Sammu City more attractive started to help themunderstand the current situation in the local community as well as explore localissues and solutions.
The students decided on a theme for each group and discussed it by making fulluse of the brainstorming and brainwriting skills they learned. Through theseactivities, we hope that the students will develop independence, communicationskills, and the ability to discover issues, which are all aims of the SGH program. 

  Thinkingabout ideas to present to the group 

    Thestudents discussed the ideas they brought up in their groups

    October15: Students preparing for presentations 

   Out ofseven groups ineach class, the students decided on four groups to present and three groups to askquestions and give feedback.
The presenting groups prepared for their presentations and the feedback groups preparedquestions to ask and ways to give feedback.

     *Forthe presentations, the students worked in collaboration with a career guidanceprogram hosted by the career guidance and counseling division. The studentstook a course on “how to make a presentation” on October 8 and all the studentsexperienced giving presentations during an interactive career guidance session onOctober 26.


   Aninteractive career guidance session was held for various job positions. Thestudents researched occupations that interested them individually in seventeenfields, completed worksheets, and gave presentations.

    October29: Presentation Practice I

1. Date
  4th and 5th periods on Thursday, October 29
2. Target
  All first-year students
3. Content
  Presentation on a program to make Sammu City moreattractive
4. Purpose
   Through these presentations, the students developtheir communication skills (ability to clearly share their ideas with others)and the ability to identify issues (ability to clarify their purpose andchallenges by analyzing the current situation). These represent two of the fivequalities and abilities that Matsuo High School students are expected todevelop under the SGH program.

 Presentations started with some butterflies
 The members of the social welfare educationdivision at the Chiba Prefectural High School Educational Research Society wereinvited for the presentations on that day as well. The students were assigned ashosts, presentation speakers, questioners, questionees, persons givingopinions, and evaluators, and all of the students participated in thepresentations.

 How presentations were held 

  Greetingsbefore presentations            Students asking about the presentations.

         Duringthe presentations 1                 During the presentations 2

    Duringthe presentations 3                            During the presentations 4   


Eachclass decided on the best presentation. The winning group from each class willpresent in front of all the first-year students and make a presentation atSammu City Hall with recommendations for the local community.



December 3: Presentation Practice II

1. Date
  5th period onThursday, December 3
2. Target
  All first-yearstudents
3. Content
  Presentation on programsto make Sammu City more attractive
4. Purpose
    In the Presentation Practice I held on October 29, the bestwork from each class was decided. Presentation Practice II offered furtherguidance for the winning four presentations, helping them to develop moreadvanced content while the students develop their communication skills (abilityto clearly share their ideas with others) and the ability to identify issues(ability to clarify their purpose and challenges by analyzing the currentsituation).