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【October 25th】
We received lecture about a technique of fieldwork from Acting dean Professor Inoue in Josai International University. With advise from Professor Inoue, students discussed in what way they can approach research hearing in Thailand and made plan of process of research. 

【November 15th】
The 11students who will join a fieldwork in Thailand visited to Sammu city Local Elderly care management center and received lecture for Dementia support.  One of our student who has wish to export "Dementia suppoter system in Japan" to Thailand in order to support home health care in Thailand is working on the research. We learned outline of dementia, how to care and help with wheelchair over 90min.

「How do we need to approach to people who are suffering from dementia?」 There were lots of active exchange of opinions during group work. 

【December 15th】
The students who will join  fieldwork in Thailand took Thainese lesson by Mr. Kanut , exchange students of Josai International University. His lecture taught  how to greet 
and self-introducing in Thainese and also about the cultural customs  in Thailand . They enjoyed learning Thainese and their lives.