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Fieldwork Thailand

【December 23rd】

We visited LTOP operated by JICA in the Nontaburi area. We heard lectures about activities of JICA was involved LTOP, and had  an exchange meeting there as well. After we visited  the day-service center, we also visited the houses of local residents to experience their daily life and observe their in -home care services.


 In athe aftenoon we visited Debsirin Romklao High school. They welcomed us with a dance and they put on a small performance for us. We then gave presentation on  Japanese cultures and the activities of SGH is in English. We enjoyed cultural exchange with them.

【December 24th】
In the morning, we visited a public market and The Duang Prateep Foundation Nursery School, public park and libruary. While walking around Bangkok ,we got on the monorail, and see and experience daily life there, we learned  about some issues from the point of view of social welfare, and exchanged opinions on  how we could solve these issues. 

【December 26th】
 We visited
Potharam Hospital in Ratchaburi Province to observe the activities of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers.Mr.Kunitani who has worked as an occupational therapist took us around the hospital and explained about his task there.

 Afterwards the students visited the home of a local resident who due to a spinal injury was paralyzed from the waist down. While visiting the residents  in -home care received by the resident.
And lastly Mr. Kunitani delivered a message to the students to help motivate and inspire them. His message to them was `Go out and see the world` Even if you cant communicate with foreigners, try your best to find some way to over come this language barrier. Take this chance to discover something new for your self`