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【August 23rd】
This morning, we visited to SQC(Sweden Quality Care) center and had recieved on the  lecture of overview of the social welfare system in Sweden  by Mr. Emil Ostberg, educational manager. In the fternoon we visited a group  home for the elderly `Lojtnantsgarden` and learned about the management philosophy and communicate with the elderly people and staffs.

【Aurust 24th】
We visited  Kampementets Nursing & Group  Home and heard a lecture about the process of improving the circumstances for occupational therapy workers. Also We observed how to use the newest machines in nursing care and interviewed  an elderly person who uses this device at the nursing home.

【August 25th】
On this morning, we visited  preschool ` Kristallens Forskola. We had also inspected of the facilities and learn about the counter measures being used to deal with the falling birthrate in Sweden .

In the afternoon, we had an exchange  with the students fom Stockholm University. Also we visited to Kungsholmens Vastra Gymnasium High School .Two students from this high school took us on a tour of their svhool. We had dinner together with the students from Stockholm University and hish school as well . At that time we had on exchange of ideas about the social welfare system of Sweden and Japan.