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Overseas Fieldwork -Thailand-

 ◇ 2015 Fieldwork Overseas - in Thailand - ◇

 Through the field studies of the social welfare in the Kingdom of Thailand, the students develop in-depth knowledge of the study on global aging  issue.
 Also they will achieve goals such as awareness and deep knowledge of social issues, communication ability and problem-solving skills throughout a research subject matter of a welfare for the elderly in Thailand.

- Orientation plan for overseas fieldwork in Thailand-

   Process till departure 
  ①Oct 9, Lunch time
     Writing an essay on the theme of  ` the things I want to learn in Thailand`
 ②Oct 22, After school ,  Orientaion 1
     Reserching  about Thailand using internet or books.
  ③Oct 26, Orientation 2
     Holding an orientation meeting for parents/guardiance for traveller.
     - Address from the Principal
     - Explanation of itinerary / orientation
     - Preparation for travel documents
     - Introducing students and present their writing on the theme of `the things I want to  learn in Thailand`

 ④Oct 30, Orientation 3
     - Giving lecture of the differencese between Thailand and Japan

 ⑤Nov 4, Orientation 4
     - Analyzing the differences of  social welfare system and aging  between Thailand and Japan
     - Exchanging each opinion on this issue.

 ⑥Nov 13,  
     - Prepararion for elderly people at care house in Thailand
     -  Making plan some activities using such as Origami( Japanese paper craft), Soranbushi(traditional Japanese dance) and songs.

 ⑦Nov 18, 
     -  Preparing  some questionnaire for elderly people. The aim is to compare the two cases in Thailand and Japan.

 ⑧Nov 24,Orientation 5
     -  Attending special lecture on theme of `Social welfare and aging population issue` by Prof.Nanako Tamiya, Majors of Medical Sciences, Graduate School of comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba and exchanged of opinion.

 ⑨ Thainese Lesson
    - Taking 2hour Thainese lesson and learned pronunciation and greetings.

                                                            A class in session


 ⑩Dec 3、 Orientation 6
    - Giving  detailed explanation about itinerary and notes.
    - Giving information about  travel insurance, immigration procedure by travel agent.
    - Giving notes for health care by school nurse.

 ⑪Dec 8,  
    - Explanation for passport pick up and fillling form for insurance.

 ⑫Dec 11,  Study 1  for comperative study in social welfare facilities between Thailand and Japan.
    - Visiting pay home for the aged with nursing which called ` Maihama Club` in Urayasu-city. The students observe facilities/activities and have questionaire session.

                   At ` Maihama Club`                                  Observing recreation
 ⑬Dec 14, Study 1  for comperative study in social welfare facilities between Thailand and Japan.
     - Exchanging opinion with regards to the things the students learn at Maihama Club.

 ⑭Dec 16, Study 2  for comperative study in social welfare facilities between Thailand and Japan. 
     - Visiting special nursing home for the elderly `Kikyogaoka Silver home` in Sammu city. The students observe facilities/activities and have questionaire session.

 ⑮Dec 17, Study 2  for comperative study in social welfare facilities between Thailand and Japan.  
     - Exchanging opinion with regards to the things the students learn at `Kikyogaoka Silver home`.
     - Preparing for visiting nursing home in Thailand.

 ⑯Dec 18, Preparing for visiting nursing home in Thailand.

 ⑰Dec 21, Team-forming ceremony
     - Address from the principal
     - Speech from the representative students
     - Giving notes for study tour by vice-principal.
     - Final remainder.



 ◇ Itinerary of study tour ◇

 ①Dec 23,  LTOP (Nontaburi) ,inspected  day-service and visiting house of elderly person.
    - Inspected day-service center
    - Received LTOP business overview and a result so far.
    - Had  questionnaire session with LTOP staff.
    - Visited house of elderly person and observe day-service process.

           questionnaire session                                     Visiting home             


                                                 The sight around facilities

 ②Visited Suksasonkroh Bangkuruai welfare school .
    - Received overview of this school.
    - Introduced ourselves and our school.
    - Participated in the welcome celemony (enjoyed traditional Thai sword dance )
    - Our students showed Soran bushi dance.
    - Took lesson of local craft lectured by local aged people .

    Taking pictures with local students          Taking traditional craft lesson from elderly 

 ③ The Pathum Tani Nusring home
    Participated in activities at the facilities.
    - Joined preventive excercise.
    - Greetings from our students.
    - Performed Soran bushi Dance, Nanohana dance and Japanese song.
    - Enjoyed seeing traditional Thainese dance performed by local students.
    - Cultural exchange time trying to teach Origami to elderly person.
   Making facilities tour
   Received an explanation about activities of Mr.Nishizaki belongs to JICA
   Questionnaire session.

                Nanohana excercise                  A class of questionnaire session

 ④Visiting JICA office in Thailand.
    Received an explanation about activities in Thailand.
    Questionnaire session

          Study meeting about JICA                  Commemorative photo with JICA staff

 ⑤Visiting  Nursing home Lad Prao
   Receiving an explanation about company business view and activities
    - Had discussion with staffs
    - Made facilities tour
    - Received an explanation about nursing care ( Japanese style) in Thailand.
    - Visited and inspected live-in nursing care in Thailand.

     Questionnaire session            Visitng house whose taking nursing service

 ⑥Study meeting at Hotel room
   Our students had study meeting after dinner everyday , and had activie discussion and overview their days.