Students Hearing

◇Early Summer Seminar in 2016◇

1. Purpose
    In order to cultivate a global perspectives and develop the English skills our students need to communicate, this was done through a workshop with the exchange students. 

2. Date and Place
    Tuesday, June 21st at the  presentation hall in Josai International University H-building, 3rd floor.

3. Schedule
    Part I  13:50-14:45 (55min)
    Break 14:45-15:00 (15min)
    Part 2 15:00-16:20 (80min)

4. Content
    Part Ⅰ -  Workshop Using English
    ① Self-introduction  by the students from Matsuo High School in English
    ② Self-Introduction by the  exchange students
    ③ They communicated with each other in  English
    Part Ⅱ -  Presentation on  welfare of their respective countries.
    ① Presentation by the exchange students
    ② Presentation by students from Matsuo High School
    ③ Questions

5.  Number of Participants
  10  exchange students from Josai University.
     38  students from Matsuo high school students  global aging Ⅰ
  * One group consists of 3 high school students and 1 exchange  student.

6.  Orientation
     ① They prepared self introduction sheet 
     ② They  watched YouTube vide  「Sekaino Hatemade ItteQ」
     ③ Prepared for presentation with the title 「The Pension System and Nursing-Care Insurance System in Japan」
     ④ The ALT from the Global Aging Class supported students, by helping them communicate in English.
     ⑤ Role playing lesson was done by the ALT to improve the students motivation.
     ⑥ The Matsuo High School Students search for the country where exchange students come from.

7. Photos from the Seminar
 Start with introducing each other 
  AS the students got to know each other, their conversation had gotten more interactive.

The presentations were about the welfare system in each participants respective country. Our students also presented on the welfare system of Japan.


Summer seminar in 2015

1. Purpose
  Hold workshops for all Matsuo High School students with international students from Josai International University in order to cultivate global perspectives and develop the English skills our students need to communicate.

2. Date and place
  Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at the International Exchange Building, Faculty of International Humanities at the Josai International University Mizuta Campus

3. Schedule
 Seminar I         11:10 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.

 Lunch             12:20 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Seminar II        1:40 p.m. - 3:10 p.m.
Seminar III        3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.


4. Content 
   Seminar I: Getting to know each other

  Students get time to interact with the international students and get to know them, primarily by introducing themselves.

  Seminar II: Presentations

  International students make presentations about social welfare in their countries (in Japanese or English).  Our students make presentations in Japanese on how to make Sammu City more attractive.

  Seminar III: Farewell party

   Farewell party for the international students returning to their home countries.
   Matsuo and international students play instruments and perform dances.

5. Numberof participants     
    First-year       students: 22 
   Second-year  students: 7

    Third-year       students: 2     31 students in total from Matuo
 International students: 16

      On the day of the summer seminar we formed seven groups that interacted with one another. Each group had two or three international students and three to five Matsuo High School students.

6. Orientation
  First orientation: Thursday, July 9 
  Going over the day’s schedule and necessary items

   Making  self-introduction sheets

  Preparing  for presentations
  Second orientation: Friday, July 17

  Correcting self-introduction sheets

  Going over presentation content

7. Photos from the seminar



         Our students tried their best to communicate with the international students in English.




In Seminar II, the international students gave presentations about social welfare in their countries. The international students who could speak Japanese gave their presentations in Japanese.
Each group of Matsuo High School students (mainly the first-year students), gave presentations on programs to make Sammu City more attractive.



         Since it was the last day in Japan for some of the international students, we also held a farewell party. Our students joined the international students in playing instruments and performing the SoranBushi dance to support their friendly exchange.