International Exchange

International Exchange in 2016

◇ The Chorus Group of Rahman University in Malaysia visited ◇

1. Date and Place
    Tuesday, October 8th  9:00 to 12:00

2. Visitors 
    Total 42 students  from Rahman University in Malaysia

3. Schedule
  09:00 ~09:30   Rehearsal
  09:30 ~09:55   Stage Ⅰ
  10:00 ~11:00   Join school festival guided by our students
  11:00 ~11:30   Break/ Preparation
  11:30 ~11:40    Stage Ⅱ
  12:00 ~13:00 

4. Photos  

International Exchange in 2015

◇International exchange with high school students from Taiwan◇
 1. Date
     Tuesday ,  November 10th, 2015  
 3. Target students
     Total 28.
 4. Schedule
     13:00~ Address of the principal, Greeting from the representative students, exchanging presents
     14:30~ Experiencing  lesson of music, arts and calligraphy.
     15:20~ Observing  room clearning by our students
     14:40~ Experiencing  extracurricular activities (Japanese archery and wearing Kimono)
      16:20~ Cultural exchange using such as Origami and Kendama with members of student counsil of our school.

Both Principal introduced their school, Our students eagerly listen to thier explanation.

 The dance performed by students from Taiwan 


  Exchanging  messege card which was made in the class  to each other
                                    The class of Japanese caligraphy
                                             The class of music 
                          extracurricular activities ( Japanese archery)

Took classes together and introduced each culture, they both enjoyed this great opportunity!