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Matsuo High School has been designated as a Super Global High School (SGH) for the five years between 2015 and 2019. SGHs, designated and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, are high schools working to develop future leaders who will someday make their mark on the global stage.

Our school’s SGH research topic is “understanding global aging from a local perspective.” “Global aging” refers to the fact that the world’s population is aging on a globalscale. This is happening not only in Japan and other Asian countries, but acrossthe world as well.

Our particular focus is on how social programs can respond to this problem. Students will learn about social welfare conditions locally and nationally in Japan aswell as overseas, and come up with ways to address the issues from theperspective of high school students.

All first-yearstudents are involved in this research during the Period for Integrated Studies,but involvement is voluntary for our second- and third-year student,. Some students go to Thailand or Sweden during their summer or winter vacation to do fieldwork under the program. 

Our students are also given opportunities to speak with students overseas, learn about the use of robots in social services, visit social welfare facilities, and participatein other events. It is my hope that they enjoy these experiences and find them enrichingas they expand their minds and learn to think with a broader perspective.

The research program is not just for students who are looking to pursue a career in social services. Whether they plan to seek employment or go to university upongraduating, any student who is interested in the study can choose to be involved.While studying the welfare of senior citizens, students also learn things that can be readily applied in other fields, such as

 How to generate research results

 Ensuring that presentation materials aresufficient for the task

 How to clearly explain their ideas duringoutcome presentations

 High school students have a nearly limitless ability to absorb new information, and it is critically important that they work to improve themselves.

 It is my hope that by participating in Matsuo High School’s research under the Super Global High School Program, students will gain a broader and deeper perspectiveof the world by learning and experiencing as much as they can. We expect ours tudents to become future leaders with the ability to solve problems and revitalize both their local communities and Japan as a whole.

 Matsuo High School is committing to supporting our students and helping them maketheir dreams come true.

 Students,teachers, and school staff work together as a team to promote the best possible educational activities for all.


                                                                                       Kazuo Kiuchi

Principal, Matsuo High School