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School Events


  - School Opening Ceremony: We welcome new students and faculty members.  In 2014, 163 first-year students enrolled. 



 - First-Year Students Orientation: The Student Government introduces our school to the first-year students. 



  - Physical Exam 

  - School Outing: The first-year students went to the Kujyu-Kuri Beach to experience the traditional web-throwing fishing.  The second-year students took Narita Express from Narita International Airport to downtown Tokyo.  The third-year students visited the Tokyo Disneyland. 


- Sports Festival: Students, regardless of their class years, compete against each other in various sports, such as softball, soccer, and basketball. 


- Student Government General Assembly 



- Brass Band Concert and Musical Festival: This event was the joint efforts by the two club, and it was held for the first time in 2014.  The families and people from the community gathered and supported the performers. 


- Baseball Summer Tournament Games 

- Summer Break 


- Open House for Prospective Students 



- “Cosmos” Festival (school cultural festival): Students show off their artistic talents in numerous ways.  Friends, families, and people from the local community visit our school and enjoy watching the students literally “flourish”! 



- Open the later term


- Attestation Ceremony & School Goverment
- Schoo Excursion (2nd-year students)


- Winter Break


- Traditional Japanese playing cards (Karuta) competition



- Entrance examination


- The commencement 


- Closing ceremoney 

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