Fast Facts

1. Organization and Enrollment School Motto

(1) School Motto: 至誠Sincerity

(2) Academic Curriculum Program: 3-year, total of 93 credits for diploma

(3) Number of Students: 482 students (as of Apr. 1, 2014)


(1) Educational Programs

- Small and intensive classes for Japanese, Mathematics, and English courses (Dividing 2 regular classes into 3 groups, according to students’ achievements.)

- Team teaching (Information and English courses)

- Various advanced courses to prepare students for higher education (i.e. Advanced Japanese History, Advanced Mathematics, Advanced English, etc.)

- 7 periods of academic classes (Tuesdays)

- Various extra academic programs for college entrance exams (before and after school, Saturdays, Summer/Winter Breaks, etc.)

(2) Career Education Programs

- High School-College co-educational program with Tokyo Denki University (10 courses a year)

- Bus tour to universities (Chiba University, Waseda University, Meiji University, Rikkyo “St. Paul” University, Chuo University, etc.)

- Informational sessions for parents/guardians on college/upper level educational programs

(3) International Education Programs

- Visit by Thai high school students.

- Exchange program with an Australian high school

- Visit from Narita Japanese Language School students

- Overseas school trip (Taiwan in 2014)

(4) University Matriculation/Job Placement

3. History

1901     Founded as Inzai Agriculture School in Kioroshi Town.

Inzai Women’s Technical School was also founded in Ohmori Town.  (Later integrated into Inzai Polytechnic School as the Women’s School Division.)

1930     Renamed to Inzai Polytechnic School.  (Also opened Women’s School.)

1948     Renamed to Inba High School.  Founded General Studies Department and Agriculture Studies Department.  Also opened the General Studies night-school.

1956     Founded Home Economics Department.

1960     Divided Agriculture Studies Department and newly founded Horticulture Studies Department (1 class).

1963     The school now had the total of 4 departments. (General Studies, Agriculture Studies, Horticulture Studies, and Home Economics.)

1964     Opened the new campus in Kioroshi Town.  Relocated all the departments to the new campus.

1966     Opened the Gym/Auditorium.  Held the school’s 65th Year Anniversary ceremony in November.

1972     Closed Agriculture Department.

1978     Opened the school dormitory/Alumni Hall.

1991     Held the 90th Year Anniversary ceremony in November.

2001     Held the 100th Year Anniversary ceremony in November.

2005     Closed Home Economics Department

2008     Closed Horticulture Studies Department

2010     Closed the campus in Kioroshi Town for relocation.

              Opened the new campus in the current location in Chiba New Town area. 

              Renamed to Inba Meisei High School.

              Held the opening ceremony for the new campus in October.

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