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Course Curriculum

       Our school has a great variety of academic courses.  An elective course could open with as few as 5 students for intensive studies.  On the other hand, popular courses can be held in the large classroom that can accommodate up to 100 students.  Each student can create a personalized curriculum to meet her/his academic interest and purpose.

Course Curricula   *Number in (   ) denotes the number of credit

<1st Year Student >

Japanese(4)                    Social Studies(2)             Math 1(3)                           Math A(2)

General Chemistry(2)     General Biology(2)          Physical Education(3)       Health Education(1)

Fine Arts 1(2)                              Communication English 1(4)           English Expression 1(2)

General Home Economics(2) Integrated Studies(1)                     LHR -Home Room(1)

<2nd Year Student>

Modern Japanese B(3)        Classic Japanese A(2)         World History B(4)      Math 2(4)

Physical Education(3)          Health Studies(1)                 Communication English 2(4)   

English Expression 2(2)       Information Science(2)        General Physics or General Geology(2)             

1 course from Elective 1 Group

Integrated Studies(1)           LHR -Home Room(1)

<3rd Year Student – Science>

Modern Japanese B(2)     Math 3(5)        Physical Education(2)         Communication English 3(4)

English Expression 3(2)    Japanese History A or Geography A(2)

2 courses from Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Geology  OR  1 course from Physics/Chemistry/ Biology/ Geology and 1 course from Elective 2 Group

Integrated Studies(1)         LHR -Home Room(1)

<3rd Year Student – Liberal Arts>

Modern Japanese B(2)        Classic Japanese B(4)    Political Science(2)       Physical Education(2)

Communication English 3(5)           English Expression 3(2)

Japanese History B or Geography B(4)

Total of 3 credits from Elective 3 Group

Integrated Studies(1)         LHR -Home Room(1)


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