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Welcome to Inba Meisei High School Web Site!

       In April 2010, the school, former Inba High School, was relocated to Chiba New Town area and renamed to Inba Meisei High School.

Our Missions印旛明誠高校

- To prepare students for the next level of education, with the emphasis on the academic “credit program”, which is relatively new in Japanese educational system.

- To help students develop their understanding and adjust to the internationalized environment.

- To help students become motivated and independent members of the community.

       As the most recently established high school in Chiba Prefecture, the faculty is highly motivated, under the school motto “Sincerity”, to complete the above mentioned missions.  Students develop close friendship with peers and make efforts to achieve their goals in the well-endowed environment which offers a wide variety of academic courses, the good faculty/students ratio, the advanced academic program for higher education, and the various extracurricular activities.

       Having had the very successful first-5 years, we constantly review our educational program in order to help the students achieve their goals.  We sincerely appreciate the generous support from the community, and we will make continuous efforts to meet the great expectations on our institution.

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